Treatment of Cancer is Good…

…But Early Detection or Prevention is Better

Accelerating Precision Medicine with the next generation of non-invasive, liquid biopsy biomarkers for early detection of cancer

Our first product:  Molecular diagnostics for minimally-invasive and early stage detection of Pancreatic Cancer



The Problem

  • Pancreatic Cancer is the 3rd leading cause of cancer death

  • Over 90% of cases being diagnosed at an advanced, incurable stage due to lack of symptoms and a diagnostics strategy

  • While overall 5-year survival of metastatic pancreatic cancer is <5%,

  • Outcomes dramatically improve when detected at an early-stage with a 10 fold increase in 5-year survival rate

Our Solution

Develop Blood-Based Molecular Diagnostic Test to Detect Early Stage Pancreatic Cancer in Asymptomatic, At-Risk People

Since development of metastatic pancreatic cancer from its precursor lesions may take up to 20 years, there is a large window of opportunity for earlier detection.  

Using our Next-Gen Biomarker Discovery Platform, combined with Innovative 'Big Data' Omics, BiomaRx is developing the first non-invasive, multi-analyte liquid biopsy test to detect pancreatic cancer before it becomes invasive.

Our diagnostic test will shift detection of pancreatic cancer to an earlier stage when therapeutic intervention is a viable and potentially curative option.

About BiomaRx

Based out of Boston, MA, BiomaRx is a life sciences company focused on making deadly cancers treatable through early diagnosis. The team is developing minimally-invasive diagnostics for early detection of cancer with the initial focus on pancreatic cancer, a disease that is projected to be the second leading cancer killer by 2020.

Spun out of Harvard Medical School and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, BiomaRx applies machine learning and systems biology to identify next-gen diagnostic biomarkers and therapeutic targets for transforming outcomes of the most lethal cancers.